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kidezt ([personal profile] kidezt) wrote2013-10-14 02:46 pm

[fanart] Playing with dots

I've been experimenting more with filters and layer options lately, and these are some of my latest results. :D
It's also been awhile since I've drawn these two, it was great to do it again! I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing Piper.

Piper Dots
(click for larger image on tumblr)

Trickster Dots
(click for larger image on tumblr)

I had a power outage while I was drawing James and lost the whole file when it was corrupted. Thankfully, I had my sketch saved and redrew the piece. *fist shakes at power outages*

I will be drawing more rogues in about roughly this style. I've plans for the nU Marco and classic Len. Maybe even Mick! *dances around*