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I need to prioritize my participation in Bangs. |D
I think I may be dropping two from my current list, depending on whether I can gain awesome writing skills in a short span of time to churn out 15k for WCTBB before the drafts are due and if none of the WinBB claims appeal to me. List cleaned up. I feel better now. :B
EDIT: Why am I adding work for myself? "orz

Bangs I've signed up for so far: [ profile] sastiel_bigbang [ profile] wincestielbb13 [ profile] spn_reversebang [ profile] sabriel_mini

1 - WCTBB Authors 1st check in
7 - SCBB Artist claims day ^

16 - Final Project Full Movie (final rendering and compositing | working files and progression files)

5 - SCBB Artist check in
15 - WCTBB Artist claims ^
15 - WCTBB Authors 2nd check in
19 - SGBB Artist check in
21 - SPN_RB Art submission due **

1 - WCTBB Writers drafts due *
2 - SGBB Art Drafts Due *
9 - SCBB Art drafts due *
11 - SGBB Posting begins
15 - WCTBB Check in (author only or?)
23 - SCBB Final confirmation check in
25 - WCTBB Art drafts due *

1 - SCBB Posting begins (art) ✧
8 - WCTBB Final drafts due *
10 - WCTBB Posting begins (fic + art) ✧

2 - SPN_RB Posting begins

* Drafts due
^ Claims
✧ Posting

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